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Growth Fund 
           Factsheet                          Commentary                 Morningstar Analysis
 MPGFX Q3 2023 Factsheets  MPGFX Commentary 2023 Q3  MPGFX Analyst 3.7

Balanced Fund 
    Factsheet                       Commentary                                                           
 MAPOX Q3 2023 Factsheets3  MAPOX Commentary 2023 Q3  

Small Cap Fund 
              Factsheet                                     Commentary                           Morningstar Analysis    
 MSCFX Q3 2023 Factsheets5  MSCFX Commentary 2023 Q3 MSCFX Analyst 3.6 

   Factsheet & Commentary                                FAQ                                                                                     
 Fact Sheet ETF 09.30.2023  FAQ ETF  

Mairs & Power Insights 
      Value of a 60/40 Balanced Portfolio             Emerging Technology & the Evolving Work Landscape                 Investing in Minnestoa                
 Risk and reward bags on a basic balance scale in equal position on wood table. risk management concept, depicts investors use a risk-reward ratio to compare the expected return of an investment  Distribution Warehouse With Plexus, Automated Guided Vehicles And Robots Working On Conveyor Belt Investing in Minnesota final high res 1.31.2022