Our Mutual Funds

Mairs & Power, Inc. Minnesota’s oldest investment firm under private ownership and management, currently offers three mutual funds:

Mairs & Power Growth Fund (MPGFX)
Mairs & Power Balanced Fund (MAPOX)
Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund (MSCFX)


Our Funds are managed using the approach we've refined since our inception in 1931. We are committed to long-term investing with minimal turnover, avoiding trendy, flashy stocks, and instead investing in those we believe have demonstrated strong performance and will continue to do so.

Mutual Fund Managers

The Mairs & Power Funds are managed by individuals with substantial investment experience. The six managers of the Mairs & Power Funds, along with the other members of the Investment Committee, collectively bring more than 200 years of investment experience to the table. These professionals work collaboratively, leveraging their combined experience for the benefit of shareholders and clients.

Mairs & Power Growth Fund Managers
Mairs & Power Balanced Fund Managers
Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund Managers

Investment Committee

The Mairs & Power Investment Committee guides all investment decisions through a distinctive, collaborative process. Our committee focuses first and foremost on companies in the Upper Midwest, seeking those with:

  • Consistent, above-average growth
  • Durable competitive advantages - as defined by our interpretation of Porter’s Five Forces
  • Strong company management
  • Attractive valuation

Our highly collaborative selection process seeks to capture a significant portion of the upside but a smaller amount of the downside. We believe our long-term philosophy serves our clients well.

Mutual Funds Process3

1 Source: Competitive Strategy Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors by Michael E. Porter.