Mairs & Power Mutual Funds' Board Transition

Press Release - October 6, 2017

Bert McKasy, current Chair of the Mairs & Power Funds Trust Board of Trustees, will be retiring on December 31 of this year, having reached the Board's mandatory retirement age of 75. The Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Mary Schmid Daugherty to succeed Mr. McKasy as Board Chair effective January 1, 2018. Dr. Daugherty has been a Trustee of the Funds since 2010 and is the current Audit Committee Chair. 

The Board of Trustees also appointed two new Trustees to the Board effective January 1, 2018: Susan Knight and Mark Henneman. Ms. Knight is retired from MTS Systems Corporation where she was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. She currently serves as Chair of the Surmodics, Inc. Board of Directors. Mark Henneman is President of the Funds Trust and President and Chief Investment Officer of Mairs & Power, Inc. Continuing to serve as Trustees of the Funds are James Alt, the current Nominating and Governance Committee Chair, Dr. Mary Schmid Daugherty, Patrick Thiele, who will succeed Dr. Daugherty as Audit Committee Chair, and Jon Theobald, the current Chairman and CEO of Mairs & Power, Inc.  

About Mairs & Power

Mairs & Power is an independent, employee owned investment management firm focused on long-term performance. The firm's strength and success have been built by applying a consistent, conservative investment approach since 1931. The cornerstone of the firm's equity approach is a regional strategy with a heavy representation in stocks of companies headquartered in the Upper Midwest. Mairs & Power manages individual advisory portfolios and three mutual funds: Mairs & Power Growth Fund-MPGFX, Mairs & Power Balanced Fund-MAPOX and Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund-MSCFX. As of June 30, 2017 Mairs & Power's assets under management totaled $9.6 Billion. For further information go to