2018 Capital Gains and Dividends

Mairs & Power Funds Estimated 2018 Capital Gain and Dividend Distributions:


To assist you with your year-end investment and tax planning strategies, the Mairs & Power Funds are providing preliminary estimates of capital gain and dividend distributions.  The numbers are estimates only and are subject to change.  Actual distribution may vary from these figures.


Fund NameDividend per ShareShort-Term Capital Gain per ShareLong-Term Capital Gain per ShareTotal Capital Gain as % of NAV
Growth Fund $0.88 - $7.40-$7.90 -
Balanced Fund $0.59 - $2.35-$2.65 -
Small Cap Fund $0.15 - $0.80-$1.00 -


Record Date:   December 26, 2018

Payable/Ex-Dividend/Reinvestment Date:   December 27, 2018


  Dividend and Capital Gain FAQ