Investment Professionals

Mairs & Power, Inc.’s investment professionals form a reliable, knowledgeable team who work together using a collaborative approach, leveraging their experience to help our clients and shareholders achieve their goals. All investment managers are CFA charterholders and have on average more than 20 years of industry experience.

Peter G. Robb, CFA, CIC
Ronald L. Kaliebe, CFA, CIC
Mark L. Henneman, CFA, CIC
Andrew R. Adams, CFA, CIC
Glenn E. Johnson, CFA, CIC
Peter J. Johnson, CFA
Kevin V. Earley, CFA, CIC
Allen D. Steinkopf, CFA, CIC
Justin M. Miller, CFA
Robert W. Thompson, CFA, CPA
Michelle A. Currier, CFA
Christopher D. Strom, CFA
Patrick J. Farley, CFA