Investment Style

The cornerstone of our equity approach is a regional strategy.

Most portfolios have heavy representation in stocks of companies headquartered in the Upper Midwest. We believe there are an unusually large number of attractive companies in this region that we have been following for many years.

Investment portfolios are tailored to meet individual needs and objectives while focusing on long-term growth and avoidance of undue risk.

Our investment approach is not complicated, but it has proven to be effective over the long-term. We believe our long-term investment strategy benefits our clients in that:

  • Holding these issues for long periods allows the power of compounding to build wealth for our clients. (Occasionally sales are made in response to changing fundamentals, investment strategy shifts or excessive valuation.)
  • Our portfolios have low portfolio turnover which reduces costs and can enhance performance.
    • Equity portfolios are generally built on a foundation of selected quality growth stocks purchased at what we consider to be reasonable valuation levels.
    • Balanced and fixed income strategies typically offer diversified portfolios with the primary objective of preserving capital, as well as providing regular, current income.