Growth Fund (MPGFX) Management

Mark and Andy - Growth

Mark L. Henneman, President and Chief Investment Officer of Mairs & Power, Inc., was named lead manager of the Mairs & Power Growth Fund effective July 1, 2013, and is primarily responsible for the day-to-day management of the Fund's portfolio. Mr. Henneman has been an officer and director of Mairs & Power, Inc. since July 2004 and has been co-manager of the Growth Fund since 2006.

Andrew R. Adams, Executive Vice President of Mairs & Power, Inc., is co-manager of the Fund's portfolio.  Mr. Adams joined Mairs & Power, Inc. in 2006 as President and Investment Manager. In 2016, Mr. Adams was promoted to Executive Vice President.  He is also the lead manager of the Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund.

While Mr. Henneman and Mr. Adams are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Fund, they work collaboratively with the other eight members of the Investment Committee to make team-centered decisions regarding the stocks they will use in the Growth Fund portfolio.