Growth Fund (MPGFX) Overview


The Mairs & Power Growth Fund seeks to provide shareholders with a diversified portfolio of common stocks that have the potential for above-average, long-term appreciation.

Investment Strategy

  • Commits to long-term investing in consistently growing companies with minimal turnover.
  • Focuses first on companies in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.
  • Seeks companies with long-term, durable competitive advantages at reasonable prices.

Fund Characteristics

  • No load1
  • Low expense ratios
  • Tax efficient, low turnover
  • Regional focus
  • Multi-cap

The Fund focuses primarily on common stocks with some emphasis on foreign equity securities and convertible debt securities rated less than investment-grade.  Preference is given to holdings in companies with consistent, above-average growth, durable competitive advantages and financial strength. Recognizing that smaller capitalization companies can provide somewhat higher returns over longer time frames, some emphasis is placed on small companies to medium-sized companies, generally located in the Upper Midwest region. The Fund seeks to keep its assets reasonably fully invested at all times, maintain modest portfolio turnover rates, and to moderate risk by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity securities.

1You pay no sales charge for the purchase or sale of Fund shares and no 12b-1 marketing fees. You will, however, incur expenses for investment advisory, management and administrative services, which are included in annual fund operating expenses.