Mairs & Power is happy to announce we will be moving to a new office at Wells Fargo Place on December 12, 2022.

After roughly 80 years in the First National Bank Building, we remain committed to our hometown where we were founded 91 years ago. Our new location, still in downtown St. Paul, will help us adapt to a changing work environment. Our staff of 43 employees works in a hybrid model, splitting time between remote and office, and this new office space will better support this new work environment. All of us will work on one floor, with the office layout providing more opportunities for collaboration and enhancing how we serve our clients.

“The last two years have changed how we work and interact with clients,” said Mairs & Power President, Rob Mairs. “This move gives us a chance to design our space for the next 20 years of Mairs & Power, while preserving our commitment to the St. Paul community.”

When clients visit, they will get a truly St. Paul experience and enjoy a 360-degree view of our beautiful city, including stunning views of the Minnesota Capitol and the Mississippi River.

In addition, we are using the move as a wonderful opportunity to support our local nonprofit community. We will sublease a portion of our current space in the First National Bank Building, as an in-kind gift to The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library.

“When we learned that The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library needed a new office location, we were more than happy to provide a portion of our existing space in the First National Bank Building,” Mairs said. “The timing aligns, and it allows us another chance to support an organization we believe in and have partnered with for many years.”

We feel it is vital to support our local nonprofit community and are open to helping other organizations with the temporary use of space under the right circumstances.

Our new address will be 30 E 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55101.