Mairs and Power Growth Fund (MPGFX)

Fund Overview

The Mairs & Power Growth Fund (MPGFX) seeks to provide shareholders with a diversified portfolio of common stocks, which have the potential for above-average long-term appreciation.

Principal Investment Strategies:

Common stocks are the primary emphasis in the portfolio.  The Fund may also invest in foreign equity securities and convertible debt securities rated less than investment grade.  Preference is given to holdings in high quality companies, which are characterized by earnings that are reasonably predictable, have a return on equity that is above average, hold market dominance and have financial strength.  Because the Fund recognizes that smaller capitalization companies provide somewhat higher returns over longer time frames, some emphasis is place on small companies (companies with a market capitalization of less than two billion dollars at the time of initial purchase) to medium sized companies (companies with a market capitalization between two and ten billion dollars at the time of initial purchase), generally located in the Upper Midwest region.  Institutional investors may be less likely to hold positions in companies in which the Fund invests.  The Fund seeks to keep its assets reasonably fully invested at all times, to maintain modest portfolio turnover rates and to moderate risk by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity securities.

The Fund is offered on a no-load basis, which means that you pay no sales charge for the purchase or sale of Fund shares and no 12b-1 marketing fees. You will, however, incur expenses for investment advisory, management, and administrative services, which are included in annual fund operating expenses.